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    Island Brač is an ideal destination for action-packed holiday, as it provides excellent conditions for sea kayaking, windsurfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, trekking, sailing and many more sport activities.  This action-packed week is created with utmost care for our island, its nature, people and folklore. Whether the beginner or experienced sportsman, you are sure to enjoy your vacation to its fullest!


    SEA KAYAKING If you have never kayaked before don’t worry, you will receive basic instructions from our guide before we set off to our adventure. You will be surprised how quick you will start to enjoy it. We start kayaking from Sutivan along the North-West coast of the island of Brač, taking in the view of beautiful bays and beaches. We will take time to swim and relax in one of the bays and continue to Bobovišća when we are ready for some more paddling. Upon arrival to Bobovišća you will have plenty of time to walk around and explore this typical small Dalmatian town. We will return by van (cca. 4 hours).

    MOUNTAIN BIKING – FROM THE SUMMIT TO THE SEA! Transfer by van to Vidova Gora ( 778 m ), the highest peak of all Adriatic islands. Arrival to the belvedere where you will enjoy a breathless view of mid Dalmatian islands. From Vidova Gora we continue downhill by white road to Nerežišće and other typical inland villages (Donji Humac, Dračevica and Ložišće ). While cycling you will be surrounded by well groomed, hundred year old olive groves and thick pine woods. Most of the way (80%) we will be off road on well maintained paths and trails. We will end our tour by the sea (cca 4 hours).

    ROCK CLIMBING Our climbing day is ideal introduction into the world of rock climbing. No experience is necessary. We will begin climbing in school climbing area in Ložišće where both, experienced climbers and novices, can find routes of desired difficulty. If you are experienced climber you will first spend some time with your instructor in Ložišće area and later move onto one of many routes of various difficulties. Many of the sectors have routes of different difficulties so if you are experienced climber travelling with inexperienced friend we can always find suitable place for both of you to climb (cca 3 hours). SAILING / WINDSURFING SCHOOL Spend a day learning how to windsurf and enjoy this perfect summer activity. If you have never tried windsurfing before, our intense learning session is perfect for you. If you already have some experience, our instructors will help you to learn more advanced techniques and tricks. If you prefer to spend a day enjoy sailing instead of windsurfing you can choose to do so. Sailing is an ideal summer activity and our fun and easy to maneuver Topper Omegas will ensure you feel the action! You will be sailing in Sutivan area and enjoy the view of this typical Mediterranean town with white stone facades, red roofs and palm trees (cca 2 hours on the sea).


    Day 1 – Arrival

    Day 2 – Sea kayaking

    Day 3 – Day for optional activities or simply enjoy the day on the  beach

    Day 4 – Biking from the summit to the sea

    Day 5 – Rock climbing

    Day 6 – Spend a day on the beach

    Day 7 – Windsurfing school/sailing (your choice)

    Day 8 – Departure

    *Guaranteed departures from May 1st through October  1st . *Additional information on request.