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Visit the Shrines of Madonna in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and explore the places of pilgrimage and pray of croatian people.

The tour includes:

Marija Bistrica
the largest Croatian parish site of religious celebration and the most important holy place of Croats.

ancient shrine of Madonna which stands 135 m above the sea. Find out the story that lies behind this shrine built in 1291.

Look at the Miracle Painting of Bless Virgin Mary of Mercy, one of the most beautiful paintings in Christian art, from the 16th centruy. Find out about a famous and unique knightly game, Sinjska Alka, that is held every year to honor the Virgin.

Visit the shrine located in a harmonious natural setting, at the foot of the wooded hill, that easily remind on the French Lourdes.

Spend 3 days in Medjugorje, follow the path up to Apparation hill and climb the Cross Mountain. Experience a peace and calm of this World famous place of pilgrimage.

The tour also includes:

Sightseeing of the capital of Croatia

Split, Trogir & Dubrovnik
Visit of Dalmatian cities under the UNESCO’s protection and its unique beauty and architecture.

A tour of the city that lies between east and west, under the UNESCO’s protection.

* Complete tour program on request.
*All tours can be fitted according to wishes of our clients.